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Recently, Professor Ling Feng, the authority of neurosurgery in China, has expelled a circle of friends for the emergency rescue of anaphylactic shock caused by cephalosporin after drinking. Professor Ling responded quickly and quickly arrived at Xuanwu Hospital. After timely rescue, he finally escaped the catastrophe of anaphylactic shock.

Professor Ling Feng is fortunate and has no danger. However, how many people have lost their lives due to allergies. The famous singer Teresa Teng, who is familiar with us, has induced allergic asthma because she took pictures in the sea of flowers, but she did not carry anti-allergic medicines with her, and she was not rescued in time. Leave us. This is the fact that there are tigers in the mountains and the tigers in the mountains. Because of their negligence, they have made irreparable regrets.

There is also a news some time ago, some people want to add vitamin C, the freshly squeezed juice into the vein, and the juice is a foreign body to the body, after entering the body is bound to cause severe allergic reactions and even anaphylactic shock. like this Accidental injuries or tragedies caused by allergies can be said to be performed every day! Therefore, health science is very important, knowledge is power, knowledge is life!

Based on this, on the occasion of the World Allergic Disease Day on July 8, we invited Prof. Jiang Zidong, the chief physician of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, to share the health knowledge about allergic diseases. I hope that everyone can learn the income and learn. Get something, and share the knowledge of science that you have learned with people around you, so that more people can stay away from the claws of allergic diseases!


The so-called allergic disease, it is a common disease, frequently-occurring disease, a wide range of morbidity, can occur in any part of the body. Different parts of different patients may have different symptoms, but they are characterized by seizure, repeatability and reversibility.

The characteristic of allergic diseases is that after exposure to allergens, the onset is fast. After the cause is removed, the symptoms disappear quickly. Repeated contact will recur, and no contact will occur.
















Anxiety is a kind of inner uneasiness, unfounded fear, or a nervousness that is expected to face a bad situation.

Anxious people may have symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, chest tightness, palpitation, difficulty breathing, dry mouth, frequent urination, urgency, sweating, hand shaking, throat infarction, etc. as well as inability to concentrate, decrease energy, confusion, and rationality. Out of the box, restless, overly worried, nervous, fearful, irritated, fearful, worried, difficult to calm down, accompanied by a sense of sudden death, often suicidal thoughts, even screams, call for help. Anxiety can seriously harm physical and mental health and affect normal life and work.

Some people have shortness of breath when they are onset, and they are hyperventilated. Some people will quickly return to normal after the attack. Some people are uneasy and worried about recurrence. The anti-recurrence author can be in days, weeks or months. Frequent seizures can occur several times a day, so that patients do not dare to get up.



Depression is an unpleasant state of mind experience that plays an important role in mental illness.

Often with significant and persistent depression, decreased mobility, slow thinking and cognitive function ("three lows") and boring, helpless, unintentional (appetite and libido), incompetence, powerlessness, sleeplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness ( "Eight no") Even negative suicide is a type of affective disorder that is the main clinical feature.

It is a disease, not as simple as "baby is not happy." It is a disease with high incidence, disability rate, high recurrence rate and relatively high mortality rate, which seriously endangers people's physical and mental health.

Because parents are anxious and depressed, they will ignore the emotional interaction with their children. Over time, these children will develop depression, negative, withdrawal and even suicide.

xxA large number of investigations and studies by domestic and foreign scholars have confirmed that the choice of individual coping styles is closely related to the individual's mental health, that is, positive coping styles are positively correlated with mental health, and negative coping styles are negatively correlated with mental health. The longer the onset of the disease, the more severe the symptoms and the greater the psychological stress of the patient.


Therefore, the patient or family members must pay attention to the occurrence and development of allergic diseases, and prevent psychological problems such as anxiety and depression in themselves or allergic children. Otherwise, these psychological problems may lead to the imbalance of the body's immune system, which will also aggravate the physiological symptoms of allergies. Form a vicious circle.

However, in order to prevent anxiety and depression, the most important thing is to scientifically and correctly prevent allergic diseases.

PS: This article is the topic of allergic diseases in the world. Allergic diseases and psychological problems (on)


Jiang Zidong

Jiang Zidong

Chief Physician, Professor, Ph.D. Master Instructor, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Good at diagnosis and rehabilitation of vertigo diseases, diagnosis and surgical treatment of common diseases of otolaryngology

For more reliable, interesting and exciting health sciences, please pay attention to our WeChat public number “100 Years Concord Lecture Hall” (micro signal: bnxhjt100)


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